Anglorand provides its clients with access to an international multi-bank, independent, agency-only broking service, offering the most competitive rates and efficient processing of Foreign Exchange payments as well as a fully integrated treasury solution. In this way, our clients can hedge currency exposure in all major cross currencies.

Anglorand specializes in the structuring of treasury policies, implementation and training on a world-class treasury management system, advisory and applications on exchange control approvals and facilitation of the booking and settlement of any foreign exchange and money market deals.

As a truly independent intermediary with no ties to one liquidity provider, we use our relationships with a multitude of local and offshore FOREX liquidity providers to source multi-bank quotes ensuring the best execution rates and efficient pricing across Spot, Forwards, Futures, Swaps and Options.

As part of our FOREX offering, we provide our clients with a daily currency note, an advisory service on currency levels, relevant market intelligence and research findings, and provide a fully transparent pricing and commission model.


Bellin is an award winning Treasury Management System designed to meet the needs of the Corporate Treasurers. TM5 software helps treasurers and subsidiaries manage, document and evaluate all treasury transactions with banks or intercompany. Bellin is specifically designed to increase involvement between subsidiaries and automate global data collection whilst enforcing compliance and driving transparency.

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Bellin Solution Overview


  • Client contacts Anglorand for a rate
  • Anglorand secures rate at bank
  • Client transfers amount and fee to Anglorand
  • Anglorand manage balance of payments (BOP) docs for processing
  • Bank matches funds and processes conversion as per instruction
  • Anglorand applies swift and returns stamped docs



Graeme Turner


Graeme has 6 years of experience in Forex and Derivatives Trading, as well as Forex Trading and Private Equity, and extensive experience in the Financial Services Industry. His core speciality focussing on Private Equity and Corporate Finance. Recently, Graeme has diversified his portfolio to include Foreign Exchange trading, a discipline perfectly suited to his client-centric approach. His involvement in the client’s objectives allows him to provide a high level of professional service and  financial advice in the products that Anglo Rand offers. His skill and experience in Investment Banking and extensive network within numerous industries provide the perfect grounding for future growth of the Anglorand Group and its clients.




Lebo’s life motto of ‘Be prepared and stay focussed’ has seen him grow from Section Leader of Foreign Trade Services at Standard Bank to the Head FX Processing and Settlements at Anglo Rand. With 10 years’ experience both in the International Trade and the South African Foreign Exchange market, Lebo is a specialist in foreign exchange trading, processing and settlements and ensuring compliance with the SARB Exchange Control rules and regulations. At Anglo Rand, he is responsible for monitoring large scale foreign exchange functions and operations, providing exchange control services and is also an extremely knowledgeable consultant to stakeholders and clients.