Anglorand’s investment professionals will help you build and manage a tailored portfolio. Our main investment philosophy is aimed at long-term accumulation of wealth with special attention to the individual needs of the client. While an exposure to these assets is essential for long-term wealth creation, the amount of individual exposure will depend on an investor’s risk appetite.

Our fund managers have a proven track record over 12 years where they have consistently been able to outperform the All Share Index and deliver returns well above inflation.


The Anglorand Asset Managers (AAM) Global Managed Portfolio aims to deliver returns in excess of the MSCI World Total Return Index in USD terms. The offshore offering gives local clients exposure to large market capitalisation, quality offshore companies allowing for diversification in asset allocation. Given the volatility in our local currency and the large underperformance of our equity bourse the offshore portfolio has enabled our client base to enjoy dollar denominated, inflation beating returns.

The Portfolio Managers are focused on value investing and their proprietary models look to explore value opportunities in the well-managed, large market capitalisation international stocks. Investors with a need to diversify their asset base out of the ZAR and with a long-term investment horizon would be well advised to explore our managed offshore portfolio product.


Launched in June 2013 as a protected equity fund, the long-term objective of the Solon fund is to provide investors with real long-term capital growth and limit risk to a lower level to that of the JSE’s Top40 total return index. The Investment Manager uses a bottom up approach to select and invest in equities, and uses derivative structures to hedge market risk. As at June 2016, the funds YTD return was 5.6%.