As exchange members, long term investors looking for exposure to JSE listed shares and ETFs have access to the full bourse of JSE listed instruments through Anglorand Securities. We also provide an online trading platform and experienced investment professionals to help guide you through ever changing market conditions. Historically a well-balanced, diversified equity portfolio has quite comfortably outperformed most asset classes and acts as a solid inflation hedge.

Anglorand manages equity portfolios on behalf of its large private client base, which predominately comprise of shares listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). We help our clients build and manage a tailored portfolio to maximize long-term wealth creation through offering expert equity portfolio management and administration with a high level of personalized service.


Long term investors looking to diversify their assets into foreign stock markets can do so via our offshore listed share product. The recent volatility in the local currency has highlighted the need for diversification of assets into hard currency. Our offshore share offering gives our clients the ideal platform to invest in over 70 markets in US dollars, GBP or Euros.

Our trusted advisors help our clients build and manage tailored equity portfolios to maximize long-term wealth creation by offering expert equity portfolio management and administration with our hands-on approach.


The CFD market has grown significantly over the last 10 years in South Africa and internationally, with major advances in technology and trader experience. As such, Anglorand provides its clients with trading systems that are at the forefront of the evolving CFD trading environment. Using our customizable, state-of-the-art desktop, web-based and mobile trading solution, our clients are just a click away from over 120 of the most liquid stocks on the JSE on a Direct Market Access (DMA) basis as well as the ALSI future.

Anglorand can also tailor-make a bespoke solution based on your risk-appetite and individual preference or manage your CFD portfolio.


The Anglorand Offshore CFD offering gives our clients the unique ability to speculate on international asset classes in ZAR denomination, eliminating exchange rate risk and taking the hassle out of moving funds to offshore bank accounts with SARB approval. Using our customizable, state-of-the-art desktop, web-based and mobile trading solution, our clients are just a click away from accessing the most liquid trading instruments across the globe.

We offer over 500 of the most traded instruments across global exchanges such as Foreign Exchange, Commodities Equities, stocks and Indicies.

Anglorand can also tailor-make a bespoke solution based on risk-appetite and individual preference or, manage your CFD portfolio.



Peter Garmany

Peter joined Anglorand in 2009 and currently serves on the board of a number of Anglorand Subsidiaries as well as being the current Marketing and Sales Manager for the Group. His driven, client-centric approach ensures the highest level of service to the clientele of the group. Peter gained his initial experience working in sales at a leading international derivative trading firm, focussing on aquistion and retention of high value clients.

Peter is a vital pillar in sales and execution in both equity derivatives and Forex. He holds a bachelor of commerce degree attained from RAU in 2004 and is also a representative acknowledged by the FSB.


Gary Cahn

Gary is a registered stockbroker at Anglorand and holds a B.Com (Hons) degree from Wits University. Gary started his career in 1987 as an authorised clerk on the JSE trading floor working for B Shapiro Inc. In 1991 he took over the firm, and grew Cahn Shapiro Inc into a leading retail broking house, before selling it to Anglorand in 2001.

He currently manages portfolios on both a discretionary and non-discretionary basis on both the equities and CFD platforms.

Gary specialises in both value and momentum investing and uses his strong technical analysis expertise in portfolio construction.


Stefan Swart

Stefan is an executive director of Anglorand Derivatives and has more than nine years experience in the financial derivatives markets. Stefan holds a B.Com degree in Finance from the University of Johannesburg. He joined Anglorand Derivatives in 2010 after he spent four years in the Leveraged Product Trading and Hedging divisions. Stefan is registered as a dealer on both the Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivative markets of the South African Futures Exchange while being a registered representative with the FSB enabling him to manage client funds.

Stefan is a value investor and his strong underlying fundamental knowledge makes him valuable in portfolio construction. He is also very strong operational component in the overall group.